Walking Out Personal Freedom – A Prophetic Word To You

The internal framework of our lives is the measure to which we will experience health and success in our outer world. As I pondered this thought again this week I felt the Lord give me a prophetic word for us all that I am excited to share with you in this weeks post.

Walking Out Personal Freedom…What’s The Point?

What does walking out personal freedom result in? Why is it important that we make it a priority in our lives and how can it impact your life personally?

Walking Out Personal Freedom Breakthrough Exercise

From drug induced to life infused I share with you a practical breakthrough exercise that has helped this transformation happen. 

Walking Out Personal Freedom Prayer. Part 2

Do you struggle with some areas of life? Perhaps some specific areas of your internal world? Today let’s look at these specific areas that need breakthrough and pray over them! 

Walking Out Personal Freedom. Part 1

This week I share from my own personal story of  encountering the Holy Spirit when I was living a life of drug addiction. This one dynamic experience set me radically free but was only the beginning of learning how to walk free.

I’m Not Dead!

Well that’s good news.. for me! It has been a while since I have blogged and connected with you all. This week I get you up to date with all that is happening and share some exciting news!

Bible HERoes – Rahab . Part 2

Do you have people in your world that you would love to see in a relationship with our loving God? Are you hungry to see God working miracles in your world? This week we will learn what Rahab has to teach us about our own faith and whether it is actually alive or dead. Hint.. You don’t want dead faith.

Bible HERoes – Rahab

There is so much in the life of Rahab to be inspired about! This woman though known as ‘the prostitute’ from Jericho in the Old Testament could also be known as the woman of great courage, conviction and faith. This week Rahab teaches us that in the midst of our lives we are seen by a loving God who has a bigger purpose for our us.

Bible HERoes – Miriam. Part 2

Today Miriam teaches us that everyone who is called of God to lead a significant life will lalso be subjected to His dealings. We shouldn’t see it as failure nor fear it, but trusting His love for us we can fully embrace it because it is done for our benefit and for the benefit of those we have influence over.

Bible HERoes – Miriam

Do you feel you have dreams in your heart that have yet to come to pass? Today we will look at the life of Miriam and see what she has to teach us about the seasons of waiting.

Bible HERoes – Tamar

Isn’t it amazing to think that before the foundations of the world, our God stood at the end of time and saw us and our lives? He was and is calling from eternity, to you and to me and inviting us to walk the path of our divine design. You in? Today we will look at the life of Tamar and what she can teach us about the faithfulness and sovereignty of God as we walk out His plans and promises.

Bible HERoes – Hagar

Ever felt like doing the runner? Ever been in a situation where you are totally getting the raw end of the stick? Ever been horribly sinned against? This week we look at the experience of Hagar and what she teaches us about running from the plans of God.

Bible HERoes – Eve. Part 3 

Eve teaches us what to do in seasons where we feel like we are birthing the promise of God but have no mentor. Where God is calling us to be a trailblazer and leader but perhaps we feel like we are alone. Eve also shows us what to do when we are experiencing the pain and consequence of our own wrong decision making… hint: it is awesome!

Bible HERoes – Eve. Part 2

As women we have been mandated with a spectacular and unique call from God. This week we are going to look at what Eve has to teach us as the first woman called of God and how it impacts our own dynamic calling.

Bible HERoes – Eve. Part 1

In this series we will be looking at some of the fabulous and fierce women in the Bible. I think their lives are crying out from scripture with wisdom and encouragement for us and our daily walk with God. In this post we will look at what Eve has to teach us about our identity in God.

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Final

Today I want to give you some powerful truths found in the scriptures that I use to speak over myself and I also use when I am praying for others. I encourage you to print these out and stick them somewhere or put them in your bible. Let’s become familiar with the truths of the Word when it comes to your authority in God and God’s authority over the Devil.

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 8

Ok – I know I am about to shock someone today! Perhaps even offend your understanding of the grace of God…. But I am going to go ahead with today’s post anyway because we are going to go to new levels of freedom ladies!!

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 7

Gratitude is a powerful weapon of war in your hands. Praise is the battle cry of victory over the enemy. In this post we will look at how Jesus teaches us this powerful warfare principal on the night he was betrayed by a friend and attacked by the enemy. We will also engage in some warfare! Come on!

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 6

We are called not just to experience God’s freedom but to walk in it in our daily life. In this post I share from my own experience of having a miscarriage how the enemy tried to find a foothold of fear and death but how god taught me how to protect my spirit and go through trauma in His presence.

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 5

What would a Warfare Series be without experiencing some personal deliverance myself! In this post I want to be rather transparent with you about a life altering and powerful deliverance I had recently and in the process give you strategies to experience your own deliverance.

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 4

Spiritual warfare does not have to be exercised only by those that are experts in it! It is in fact simple acts like a surrendered heart and an attitude of worship that are also practical and powerful forms of warfare that everyone can engage in.

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 3

The third in this series discusses the importance of knowing the truth in times of trials and tests. We will experience trials – what can we do to be prepared for them?

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 2

Are you prepared for the enemies attack? Do you know what the weak areas in your life are that he will attack? If you new the theif would come to steal your belongings wouldn’t you be in waiting for him? 

Chicks & Guns – Spiritual Warfare. Part 1

In Ephesians we are instructed to not battle flesh and blood but to engage in spiritual warfare.  In this Girls with Guns series I will be discussing how to be a woman that uses the weaponry that God has given us for spiritual success.

Why we do what we don’t want to do.

Do you have habits or make poor decisions and not sure why? Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself… are you game?

How I Survived The Baby Blues (part 1)

Having a baby isn’t always full of highs. There are unique challenges to be faced and in this post I discuss some keys for new mums and dads.

How I Survived The Baby Blues (part 2)

I share some of my own struggles in the early months of being a mum and some helpful keys to survive the season.

A Freakin Flourishing Mind

The battle is won and lost in how we use our brain. Learn some strategies to freakin flourish in your mind.

The Power in Digging Deep

No one can follow Christ and not be asked to internally dig deep. But why and for what purpose?

The Secret Sauce of Divine Goal Setting

Jesus wants to be included in your goal setting. Learn a simple strategy to goal set with Jesus for 2016


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