Walking Out Personal Freedom – A Prophetic Word For You


The importance of our internal health as women called of God cannot be emphasised enough.

Only today I was chatting with one of my outstanding clients about this ongoing journey of internal construction and how much the internal framework of our lives  has to do with the external success of our lives.

When each of us was first called of God we were all called in a state of brokenness and lack  because that is the world we are all from. Each of us were called out of a world of darkness where our master and counsellor kept us living in a state of limitation and lack and where we had a mentality of fear and restriction.

Yet that is not the wide open space that we have been invited into by Christ. The life he has for us is one of plenty, abundance and more than enough. Am I preaching a prosperity “gospel”… heck yes! But the real prosperity of the gospel I am referring too is found in the internal freedom of our inner world

Today as I was praying for one of my remarkable clients I got a picture that I wanted to share because I believe it is a prophetic word to all his daughters.

Initially the picture I saw was of her / us being called in our state of brokenness but then I saw the Lord lead her from being knelt down burdened before him to standing alongside him. This is what I felt He was saying to her and ultimately to us

“I called you downcast and from a world of slavery but I never intended for you to stay there. I have called you up into heavenly places and to stand at my right hand. To declare and command my will on earth. To be the head and not the tail, to prophecy and declare liberty to the captives and sight to the blind.

My heart’s desire is that you will be well, whole and effective in these days. That you will draw strength and courage from my spirit and my word and be a catalyst of change and transformation for those that are still bent over under the weight of this world’s lies. I want you to be mature, to stand in authority in your world and bring heaven to earth at my command”

Ladies it’s time for us ALL to experience well-being and wholeness. To have our backbones strengthened and our sight restored. Not just for us, but so that we are present and able to lead our children and be a force of good for our families, our churches and our communities.


Buckets of love

Ps Happy May Ladies!! Only a few more months and I will be taking some time off for maternity leave. I want to support as many of you as I can to find your own personal breakthrough and internal health before I have my baby.

So for the month of May I am offering 60 min CRUSHING STRONGHOLD sessions for only $90 (that is $150 value).

These sessions are perfect for the woman who

  • Needs clarity and direction
  • Has ongoing mental or spiritual blockages they want broken
  • Wants to connect again with the Holy Spirit
  • Needs support to identity issues of the heart that need healing
  • Ongoing and persistent heaviness that you want broken

If you want to chat about whether this is a good fit for you then come connect  and we can make a time to chat about it some more


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