Walking Out Personal Freedom. Part 6


Living out personal freedom in our life internally has practical and tangible results in our outer world.

  • Better relationships
  • Better financial decision making
  • Better decisions around your health and well being

Freedom in your soul and heart is where a better life starts! Don’t you think that is just so empowering? It means that a better life starts with you and not needing to “change” your partner, your health or your circumstances.

A “better” life actually starts with

  • Right thinking and beliefs that aligns with the word of God
  • Experiencing the presence of God through the Word, worship and stillness
  • Knowing the power of dynamic prayer and warfare
  • Replacing toxic thinking
  • Reframing events in your life
  • Including forgiveness as part of your life
  • Learning how to guard your heart

Can you see that these activities above are ALL WITH IN YOUR POWER!

Once you attend to those things that ARE within your control you will inevitably find that so many of the circumstances will actually start to change.

People will start to treat you differently because WE TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT US.

If our inner world is healthy, strong and free then we communicate to our world that this is who we are and people respond to that differently than they do to someone who is communicating brokenness, identity confusion, a lack of personal confidence, neediness and rejection etc etc.

What is your internal world teaching people about you?

People will respond in kind. Your own BODY and MIND will respond in response to what your inner self believes about who you are. Dr Caroline Leaf a cognitive neuroscientist claims that 75% – 98% of ALL CURRENT MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ILLNESSES START WITH TOXIC THINKING.

So here is how I see it working. You have a deep belief about yourself that is not in alignment with the word of God, which becomes thoughts that are toxic and words that you speak which frame your world, this then results in stress which causes a disruption to the electrical chemical balances in your body which turns into sickness in your body and your world.

This is why the work of internal health and wellbeing is SO IMPORTANT! Mastering your inner woman with the help of the Holy Spirit must be a priority if we are to experience the BEST LIFE we possibly can.

Do you feel like you need support in turning some negative thinking around?

Are you ready to experience a deeper level of wellness?

Do you have areas in your life that are toxic and unhealthy and would like to discover the root cause of the issue so it can be replaced?

Then let me assist you in finding greater internal freedom!

“Coaching with Larissa is one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced.”

Simone Waddell – Singer, Song Writer & Coach

This month I am offering 60 min Breakthrough Sessions for only $90 (normally $150) where we will identify your toxic thinking, find out where it came from, invite the Holy Spirit to come and minister to that area and ask Him to bring His truth and freedom SO THAT your life can go from good to better to best!

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Buckets of love


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