Walking Out Personal Freedom – What is the point?


What does walking out personal freedom result in?

Why is it important that we make it a priority in our lives?

When we aren’t living free we live limited, restricted and contained. Imagine a well full of dirty water. Everything that is piped out is affected by the dirt which is exactly the same for us when we aren’t living free on the inside.

Every area of life is contaminated by the restriction of our inner self.

“Guard your heart above all else for out of it flow the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23

When we are walking out personal and internal freedom in our heart and soul then ultimately we are allowing life and freedom to flow from God, through us and into all the areas of our life!

What does this look like…

  • We become more effective in our workplaces because we are bringing initiative and confidence from a deep well of health
  • We experience sweet sleep and peace because we are centred and strong
  • We alleviate high stress in our lives which means less headaches, body issues and disease
  • Our relationships are affected and we are set free to enjoy what we have rather than what we think we ought to have.
  • We find internal strength and grunt to make necessary changes in relationships
  • We get clear on what we love and what lights us up and start doing more of it and less of the “should do’s”
  • We find grace for those around us and less judgment
  • We give ourselves permission to be influential and visible in our lives
  • Our marriages get better because we feel full and complete on the inside and aren’t trying to draw from a place of need but instead get to give from a place of joy
  • And the list goes on and on

Ladies working on your inner health and freedom is IMPERATIVE for so many areas of our life

I often refer to our inner and outer lives like a tree. The behaviours and issues we face so often are like the fruits on the tree and our coping strategies are often just about picking off the nasty fruit rather than looking at the root system and dealing with the issues at a root level.

Change the root system and you change the fruit

The coaching that I specialise in concentrates on getting the root system of your life healthy, strong and free because walking in personal freedom is a key essential to all the other areas of our life flourishing.

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Fun days ahead!

Buckets of love



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