De Activate Anxiety –14 Day Bootcamp

So…. let me be frank (hi frank! No, not that kinda Frank)…. I digress…. I am a recovering PANIC ATTACK sufferer.

Since I was 11 years old my anxiety has been a hidden ‘demon’ in my life. Can you relate? I would salute to the mantra “mind over matter” but the truth is “it’s what’s in the mind that matters.”

PANIC ATTACKS have been a constant foe even as a born again, spirit filled pastor!! I tried every form of inner healing known to woman to rid myself of these debilitating attacks, but with little to no success. My life was hedged in and limited and to be honest I had succumbed to believing they were a thorn for life. 

BUT I AM NO LONGER DEFEATED!!! Come on!!! I have discovered there are holistic answers, keys, strategies, and tools to DEACTIVATING ANXIETY and I want to share them cause they have changed my life!! Did you know when we go into ANXIETY part of our brain ACTUALLY SHUTS DOWN!! This is why we feel in those moments like we can’t think properly and at its worst like we are actually losing our mind.

When we are in Anxiety our self protect is at high alert, our inner alarms are being activated and get this…. the chemicals that cause us to grow, to heal, to learn and develop are slowed. right.down!

It’s not just your emotions that are affected! Your health, your body, your hair and skin, your ability to retain knowledge, to be creative IS ALL affected by anxiety in your system! Stress & anxiety is the root cause of so many illnesses and ailments in God’s Daughters and in 2018 IT’S TIME TO DOMINATE and not be dominated!!

How does it work?
Come and join myself and other like minded women in a 14 Day DE ACTIVATE ANXIETY online Bootcamp! wanna know more about me? Click here and see if I’m your cuppa tea 🙂

What can you can expect?

  • To learn about why your brain goes into panic
  • How to circuit break the panic
  • Open up new possibilities for your life with out anxiety
  • Deal with any destructive spiritual forces related to the panic
  • Learn to formulate peace and stillness
  • Be empowered to live spiritually and emotionally confident 
  • Prayer and Christian ministry
  • Activations to do at home
  • Daily coaching videos
  • Q&A Live stream
  • 2 months access to a private FB page with all the content
  • Christian meditations 
  • A support group of women with BIG CALLS just like you who are ready to dominate anxiety
  • All content founded on a Christian worldview
  • And lots more… 

Magnificent daughter of the King of Peace, I want to share with you from my own experiences of WHAT HAS WORKED to turn the tide on what was once my own crippling anxiety! 

Please note: I am NOT a psychologist but just a chick that has found some things, simply things that work.


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